The WakaWaka is a simple lamp with an enourmous mission: to light up the lives of 1.5 billion people. In this section you can read more about the lamp and why it can and will influence the lives of those 1.5 billion. Read about the lamp itself, the innovative technology, the idea behind it and the team that is respondible for all this.

The Foundation

The WakaWaka Foundation is a non-profit organization. The WakaWaka Foundation’s mission is to brighten up the lives of underpriviledged people in developing countries.

It does this in the following ways:

1. Offering the WakaWaka solar LED lamps, in exchange for in-kind payment, to people in refugee camps and others who, due to circumstances, are unable to purchase the WakaWaka.

2. Facilitating and stimulating awareness and activities in the areas of sustainability, clean energy, health, personal hygiene and recycling in developing countries by introducing an education program for schools and/or classes in developing countries.

3. Subsidizing WakaWaka solar LED lamps for school children who have completed the education program.

Read more about the Foundation here.